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Picnic Backpacks for 4

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Sometimes you really have to trek to get there – and then feed a family once you've arrived! Our picnic backpacks are perfect for such adventures, allowing you to carry all of your food, drinks, and picnic gear on your back.

Grature's picnic backpacks for 4 people are loaded with everything you need to really go out to eat . . . way out! Choose from a wide selection of colors and styles – we've got something to suit any taste!


Our four-person picnic backpacks are always ready for a hike!

When you've got to cover ground, you don't want to carry everything in your hands. That's where our wonderful picnic backpacks come in! Hike out to the beach or picnic area with everything you need on your back, keeping your hands free (and your arms from getting tired!) You'll be relaxed and comfortable when you sit down to eat your lunch!


We stand by our products, so you can count on hassle-free ordering from Grature!

We're your source for the best outdoor adventure products, and our 4-person picnic backpacks are no exception! We choose only the finest products for our catalogs, so you can be sure you'll be enjoying your weekends time and time again!